A simulator platform specialized in measuring the performance of satellites employing the 5G NB-IoT Non-Terrestrial connectivity. The simulator is an accessible cloud-based online service that aims to model and estimate the satellite behavior in terms of coverage, connectivity, bandwidth, and data traffic of each IoT device. By leveraging the new technical standards, SIMLAB.SPACE seeks to provide a cost-effective, feasible, and customizable testing alternative enabling satellite operators in delivering 5G connectivity to IoT applications and devices.

SIMLAB.SPACE is easy and straightforward to utilize. It does not require any advanced technical knowledge and expertise. All you need to start working with the online simulator is configuration data of satellites and IoT devices, plus general campaign information.


The Internet of Things (IoT) market is growing at a staggering rate, pushing the telecom sector to provide faster and more extensive connectivity solutions. The traditional method implies a terrestrial network that has limited coverage area and costly prices. The satellite communications industry has the power to manage these challenges. With the recent advances within 5G NB-IoT NTN technology, satellite operators can finally offer better services to the IoT industry while unveiling business opportunities in this market.

SIMLAB.SPACE’s goal is to support satellite operators working with the new 5G NB-IoT Non-Terrestrial connectivity by providing an online simulator service able to measure the coverage, distance, frequency, bandwidth, number of connections, power transmission, latency, and data traffic between LEO satellites and IoT devices. Our intent is to help Satcom setting the satellites for offering better connectivity services when it comes to the IoT network. Especially, in estimating the amount of data transmitted by each IoT device as well as other essential parameters. The online platform can be customized to any needs and requirements.


SIMLAB.SPACE satellite simulation platform is an accessible and simplified solution for satellite operator companies with limited or no technical knowledge in-house. All required to work with the product are the configuration parameters of satellites and IoT devices.

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